Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Go For It Today

Do not fear mistakes.You will know failure. Continue to reach out. --Ben Franklin

As I writer, I feared showing my work to publishers, and I grew used to rejections. Oh, don't get me wrong, they still bother me, but I expect and live with them now.

My first book, Mattie's Choice, was not the first book to receive a contract. Sarah: A Mission of Love was.

Mattie's Choice is not a romance, and I kept sending it to romance publishers. Duh. I finally learned how to pitch differenct genres.

A serious, historical book, Mattie's Choice, is about two women who married abusive brothers and became lifetime friends.

Sarah: A Mission of Love is fantasy, romance, and Christian. An angel comes to earth to help Tom find a mate. She introduces him to Marcy by accidentally dumping food all over him. It's funny.

Sarah: A Mission of Love, originally held the title, Little Angel Screw Up. The publisher didn't think the title sounded too christian, so it got changed.

The Sarah Series has a lot of chaotic screw-ups in it. That's what Sarah does best.

Mattie's  Choice will make you think, and possible help you with your marriage.

I hope you'll read them, and whatever you're doing, keep going for it.

available on audio, ebook and print.


  1. I love your lighthearted Sarah books, but I loved "Mattie's Choice" also. The characters stayed with me long after I finished reading about them. You did a wonderful job of bringing the two women to life in that book.

    1. Thanks, Carlene. Your response means a lot to me.


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