Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Weight. Is It Mind or Body?

That time of year again.


My scale gave me the same message this morning as it did last year, "You're too heavy." I'd planned to do something about that memo last year. I managed to take off three pounds, but they came back in a matter of months and brought friends.  Ten months to lose three and two to gain five.

I've never liked math.

The extra pounds are not in my mind. They are on my body, but I remember the days when my mind thought I was fat and I wasn't. 

Science has all sorts of ways to tell us if our fat is only in the mind or if it is really on the body. Doctors can use a tape measure and a scale to come up with the ideal BMI.

You know those kiosks at the pharmacy that measure your blood pressure, weight, and then give you your BMI?  That obnoxious, know-it-all machine always tells me I'm overweight.  I was shocked the other day when the thingy told me that my BMI was in the normal range. What? How did that happen.

It turns out I had put my height in at 5'8" instead of 5'5".  I'm too short for my weight. Sigh. Oh woe is me.

What are we gonna do about this mind and body weight thing in 2019? Are you with me? You gonna make changes? After the next twelve months, are we gonna be where we are today?

Decisions. Choices. Consequences. Yuk.

What's your downfall? Ice cream? Chips and salsa? Margaritas? Candy?

None of the above are mine.  Can you guess my enemy?

These biscuits need more gravy.

Yep, you guessed it. I like biscuits and gravy. I eat gravy on french fries, any kind of bread, mashed potatoes, chicken, and steak. I find most foods taste better with a little gravy...okay, let's correct that. Food is better with a lot of gravy, not a little, but A LOT. Like a mountain of creamy goodness.

I've eaten gravy by itself. No bread.  No roast or chicken. No potatoes. No nothing. No kidding.

Just a bowl of gravy. 

Please don't tell anyone I did that. 

Gravy is one thing I know how to make. I can stir up a tasty brown sauce or make a velvety white one. 

The beef Au Jus gravy is yummy, too, but it doesn't have the body and texture of good, old-fastioned, southern gravy.

Can I make myself give up gravy for three months? Is it possible? I'm trying to talk myself into it. Mind over body and all that sort of thing.  What would you give up for three months? I need a partner or two to make a sacrifice with me.

Email me here. gaynlewis@gmail.com. Type Gravy in the subject line. We'll work together in this challenge. I'll give up gravy. Are you with me? What will you sacrifice?

If you want some entertaining reading about two women who worked at a makeover. I've got the book for you.  It's fictional, but true to life, and very funny. Emily, the earthling, in this book loves gravy on french fries. Where did she get that idea? Hmmmmmm? Sarah, the angel, masquerades as a 50 pound over-weight female.  She gives herself the name, Oceana Waters. She answers Emilly's ad for a roomate and talks Emily into trying a more healthy lifestyle. But remember! Sarah is an angel. She knows nothing about earth's health. Oh the bumbles she makes as she helps Emily.

A lot of the scenes in this book are from my own personal experiences. Writers do that, yes, they do!

Emily and Sarah go to the gym and learn to eat "weeds." The results are amazing.

We're gonna have amazing results, too!  Read the book for ideas. 

Happy New Year!

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