Monday, January 7, 2019

Things to Do On Sunday

Today is the first Sunday of a New Year.

Did you know we have 52 Sundays in 2019?  What do you plan to do with your Sundays?

Football is on the list of many. 

Golf is a favorite.

Don't forget the fish.

Baseball was once America's favorite pasttime.

I could show pictures of family, reading books, and countless other pursuits of pleasure, but you get the idea. We love our fun and games. Relaxing is enjoyable. Necessary too. All of us need a break from routine.


Don't forget God !

and His Church

How many of those 52 Sundays in 2019 will you worship with His people in His Sanctuary? 

Zero? That's too few.
One - That's usually on Easter. Certainly better than zero.

A question for you.

What if the only time you are in church this year is the one time you don't want to be there? 

As in being taken there without your knowledge? 

That would be sad.


Only 52 Sundays in 2019. I hope you'll make plans to be in worship on more than one!  See you there!

But.....if you're gonna stay home on Sunday with a good book, read one of mine!  

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