Monday, December 31, 2018

Who's Gonna Go Through Your Stuff?

A two car garage with no place for a car.

Between the womb and the grave, we collect a lot of stuff. After you leave this earth, who will sort your belongings? Who will keep a few things, give some items to charity, and throw the rest away?

Here's another question to ponder. What will they find?

You can't continue to hide secrets once you vacate this life.

My hubby and I recently sorted through our daughter's home. Her hubby died and she's desperately ill.  She couldn't help or supervise.

The big, five bedroom 3.5 bath house took days to organize and go through. It was a second marriage for both of them. They each brought stuff to the marriage and then bought new stuff together. Sorting through the place was overwhelming and mind blowing. But we did it. Whew!

We explored all drawers, attic, nooks and crannies.  We had to empty the house to sell it. I found items a mother doesn't want to see. Neither does a dad.  

Not immoral or illegal stuff, merely embarrasing items. 

As we approach the New Year, 2019, let's think about the "stuff" we add to our collections. Is it necessary? Would it embarass someone? Can I afford it? Could the money be better used somewhere else?  Would God be pleased for me to have this? Why have a big house to fill with junk? Is a smaller, simplier way of life easier and better?

A smaller, simplier lifestyle is easier and better....especially for the ones left to go though your stuff.

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