Thursday, December 20, 2018

Reasons or Excuses?

Here's a silly senario for you. Someone one said, "I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. He won't give me a bike, but He'll give me clemency."
 This pun is humorous and sad at the same time. Why do we  ask for mercy before we commit the dastardly deed? We are crazy heads. Or maybe merely human.
We give our reasons to God. “I needed a bike to get exercise, but I can’t afford one. Lord, You want me to stay healthy, don’t you? I'll help you help me. I'll steal a bike and not wait for you to provide one. That's okay with you, right?”
Our reasons are excuses to God. He calls them sin.

How about this one. "My wife doesn't meet my needs. My secretary does, God, You know I require attention, so here goes, forgive me God for what I'm gonna do."

Martin Luther. Remember him? I doubt it. No one is alive now who lived when he did. 

In 1517, Martin Luther realized the sale of indulgences by the Catholic church wasn’t invented or approved by God. Back in Luther's day, one could buy the right to sin before the sin took place. In other words, the premeditated sin was supposed to be forgiven before the petitioner committed the beastly act.

What kind of logic is that?

The story is told how Martin Luther was disgusted when he saw a drunken man lying in a ditch. He voiced his repulsion to the intoxicated guy. The man dizzily held up his printed indulgences, the ones giving him permission to sauce himself until he was blotto. He replied to Luther, “It’s okay. I already paid good money for this sin.”
If you know you’re gonna sin, why do it? Should you plan it, carry it out, and then ask for forgiveness? Wouldn’t it be better to not break God’s heart in the first place and then test His mercy?

What premeditated, sinful act do you plan to commit this holiday sesason? Overeat? Too much alcohol? Overspend? Yes, plots are out there, and some of us are asking forgiveness in advance of the action. We are giving our reasons to God.  

Folks, God doesn't work that way. He says, "Your reasons are excuses. They are a no-no."

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