Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus

Jesus came into this world like we all do. Through the womb of a woman. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit to His virgin mother, but we are formed by an earthly father to our human mother.

The birth of Jesus records a weird set of circumstances, right? These conditions occurred only once in history and will never happen again. And just like us mortals, He would live a few years and then die. Unlike us, He stayed dead for only three days. His Father, our God, and His God, raised him back to life.

His development in the womb cocoon was ordinary, and after Jesus completed his growth, He was pushed out into the world. Just like us.

He grew to manhood in a normal fashion, and yet, He was different. His heavenly Father gave him a mission before conception—live a perfect life and go to a cross and perish for human sins.

At the appropriate time, He began His work. 

And at the appropriate time, He finished it. 

Jesus came as a baby.

He will return as King.

These truths in history are the reasons we celebrate Christmas

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