Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lost in a Crowd? Not if You're on Social Media

A lot is being said about our lack of privacy.

The days for anonymity are gone for most of us. Have you ever Googled yourself?  Even if you aren't on social media, someone is tracking you. People can find out a lot about you, even if you've never given personal info.

Scary, right?

To prove my point, I just Googled my friend. She's private to the max. She's never posted a thing anywhere at any time. Yep, she's there.

I'm all over the Internet, but then, I've written books I want to sell, so yeah, I'm there. By design, I'm there.  If I weren't trying to sell you something, I still would be there. Not as much as I am now, but I'd be there.

How did we allow all this to happen?  Was it the convenience of the Internet?  Every time you research a subject, you're tracked by some entity. Let's name two: Google and the U.S. Government. They store records in the cloud.

What about all those DNA sites? Oh mercy! Now "they" can tell even more about us. What diseases we're prone to have and how many years we might live. They can run our DNA though data basis to see if we’ve committed a crime.

From our DNA health report, the entities count how much we will contribute to society over a lifetime. If we aren't adding to the stockpile of society's money, the calculate how much it will cost them to underwrite us.

Whoever "they" are may know more about us than we ourselves know.

As of today, our thoughts are all we have that are private. How long will it be before "they" know those too?

Listening devices are everywhere. My daughter and I were talking the other day about what to wear. Out of nowhere, Siri's voice comes on my daughter's iPhone. "Wear leather pants."


We laughed, but is it really funny? Siri was listening, and uninvited, she joined our conversation.

By the way, she was wrong. We don't wear leather pants in Texas in 100-degree heat.

As I related this Siri incident to a friend, she said, "I wear an Apple watch. I said I needed help, it called 911, and an officer came to my work." She needed help with a project.

Have you read the book, 1984 by George Orwell? He wrote it in 1949. Most people at the time thought it science fiction. Winston Smith, the protagonist, is watched by the all-seeing, all-knowing, big brother.

Some people think 1984 is now, and George Orwell was prophetic. 
Will the day come when artificial intelligence is smarter than the human race?  Will it try to be our God?

Okay, so here's the thing. 

I don't believe God will allow that to happen on a permanent basis, but He might allow it for awhile. Maybe hundreds of years.

But in the meantime, practice Godly thoughts now so you'll be prepared for the future. Be aware someone is listening. Maybe watching.

During out periods of lack of privacy, those times when every thought and action is recorded, God might want to show us how unintelligent we really are.

And we are...if we rely on something or someone other than Him.

Reference:  1984

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