Thursday, July 26, 2018

It Happened in Colorado Springs!

We went to Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago, actually spent July 4 there. Rain prevented a fireworks display, but the wildfires needed the rain, so we didn't complain.

We stayed at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, a lovely, rustic, place.

See the smoky haze in the sky?

Flying into the city meant we had no car, but we used Uber and the hotel shuttle. I must tell you about my conversation with one of the hotel drivers, a super nice guy who does his job well. I know his name, but for the sake of his privacy, let's call him Jake. Jake and I talked while he drove us to a destination.

Gay:   "So, have you worked at the hotel long?"

Jake:   "Five years."

Gay:    "I appreciate your attention to customer service. I'm an author and I have a newly released book out. The hero in my book graduated from the Conrad Hilton College of Hotel Management in Houston. It's part of the University of Houston. My hero drives a shuttle like this but also works in all aspects at the hotel. He plans to manage a major hotel one day."

Jake:  (He quickly turns to look at me with wide eyes) "Are you a spiritual person?"

Gay:   (This surprises me. I've not mentioned to him at any time that I'm a Christian author or a pastor's wife) "Yes I am."

Jake:   "How can I be a better person and be at peace?"

Gay:   (Wow! Talk about an unexpected invitation to share the Gospel!) "Get to know Jesus Christ. The more you know and imitate Him, the more you become a better person, and peace comes."

Jake:  (Nods his head)

Gay:   "Have you read the New Testament?"

Jake:   "Twice."

Gay:    "Good! Then you know that Jesus is the only way to God and eternal life. Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.'"

Jake:   "John 14:6."

Gay:   "You do know the Scripture! Fantastic. Now you need to make a choice. Place your trust in Jesus. God didn't wan't puppets, He gave us freewill so we could choose to love Him."

Jake;   (Nods his head again.)

Gay:   "He sent Jesus as His one and only plan for eternal life with Him.  If God had asked me to earn a million dollars, give it to Him, I couldn't do that. I don't have that kind of earning power. If He'd said to me, 'sell everything and live homeless under a bridge,' I couldn't do that either, but He didn't ask the impossible from me. God sent His Son to die on a cross as a way to reconcile man to himself. God's plan was bizarre, and yet Jesus agreed to it. Choosing Jesus is the only way to life, peace, and becoming a better person."

We arrived at our destination. Jake opened the door for us to exit.

Jake:  "Thank you for talking to me about this."

This event was not a co-incidence. It was God's Divine Appointment for two people.

I'm honored that God put me in the right place at the right time to share with Jake.

I plan to send him the book that started this conversation. I wish I knew what crossed his mind when I told him about my hero in the hotel business, and what prompted him to ask if I was a spiritual person. Perhaps his plan is hotel management and he related.

The hero's name in this book is Daniels. He meets Sarah at a hotel in Katy, Texas, and shuttles her from place to place. He's such a nice guy...Sarah thinks he may be another angel.

The heroine, Valerie, is insecure and a bit overweight. She's been bullied all her life, and Sarah plans to help her gain confidence, lose weight, and find a mate.  Sarah materializes as Oceana and becomes Valerie's roommate, and she introduces him to Daniels. They join a gym, but Valerie falls for the trainer, Travis. Sarah thinks Travis may not be the one for Valerie and tries to prevent the relationship. 

Here's a scene from the book.

“Heck no. Marriage isn’t necessary these days. It’s old-fashioned. I’m never getting married. I believe it’s okay for a man and woman to enjoy the pleasures they bring to each other. You don’t need a ring for that.” He leaned in and kissed Valerie in a slow, deep way. When he released her, Sarah could see Valerie was trembling. Travis gently pushed Valerie to a reclining position, pressed himself next to her on the sofa, and kissed her again.
Sarah wanted to gag. If she didn’t intervene, Valerie would succumb to the charms of Travis and regret her actions for the rest of her life.
She could make something happen to break up the love fest Travis had in mind. Oh sure, the Superiors reprimanded her when she interrupted a human’s sinful endeavor. That was a no-no. Humans were allowed to choose their conduct, but for Valerie’s sake, she’d intercede and take the consequences. Again.
What could she do? Sarah visually checked the room and then snapped her fingers. The smoke alarm! She lit three candles under it and made volumes of smoke drift upward.
RARRRRRR!!! The noise that thingy made would wake the comatose.
Valerie and Travis burst into the smoke-filled room. Travis blew out the candles and opened a window.
He checked for damage. After making sure there was none, he then turned to Sarah. “You almost started a fire.”
Sarah raised her brows. “Really? I thought I was putting out one.”

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