Monday, June 12, 2017

Pack Rat or Hoarder?

“The ancestor of every action is a thought.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thoughts produce actions, or a choice of actions.  Whether it's an action and a reaction, we can choose our thoughts and responses.

What are you choosing today? Positive thoughts and constructive behavior?

Me? I'm in limbo. I'm trying to overcome a sense of doom. I feel overwhelmed, How will I respond to those feelings?  I must choose.

Our daughter, the one with dementia, is returning to Austin in a few weeks. We've worked like crazy to get things ready for her.  She and her hubby were pack rats. We've been cleaning her garage and house so a caregiver can move in with her. 

Before the cleaning days

After the cleaning days.

She and her hubby chose to live like this. If he hadn't died, left my hubby as executor, and she didn't have dementia, we'd have chosen to leave things alone. If people want to hoard, that's their choice. His death and her dementia, caused us to make choices. Ones we didn't want or need.

The choices we make affect others. He didn't know he'd die. She didn't know she'd have dementia. But while they were healthy, they could have chosen to live cleaner more ways than one. Alcoholism caused his cancer and her dementia. 

I don't enjoy revealing personal details, but if I can help someone change actions, it's worth it. Think about the actions of today and what they will bring you and others tomorrow.

More later.

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