Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Read Sarah for Free

Here's and excerpt from Sarah: Laney's Angel

Sarah is dyslexic, and bumbles her way through assignments.  My books bring humor and faith. These days we need to smile. 


Chapter One  
“This assignment will prove more complicated than the last one she had.”  The lieutenant folded his wings behind him and studied Sarah’s dossier the Commander had placed in his hands.
“Yes, I know.” The Commander wrinkled his brow as he looked down at Earth from his position in The Heavenlies.  He stood midway between the upper and lower realm with his great wings unfurled. “I want Tomas called in to help her with this one.”
“Tomas is ready to go back to combat duty after guarding a rambunctious toddler. I’ll find a replacement for the child.”  The lieutenant made a note on the numerous files in his hand. “Tomas is now assigned the case.” After making an additional note in the folder and rubbing his forehead, the officer looked at his Commander. “This task to help Laney is a bit much for Sarah—even if she has the assistance of Tomas.”
“Yes, it’s risky to assign Sarah. The Evil One is after Laney and Laney is in grave danger, but Sarah’s duty is romance. Our novice angel is not commissioned in protection skills. Make sure Sarah understands this.”
“Sarah has a reputation for blunders. Do you think she can successfully get Laney and Cannon matched before bad things happen to our young female earthling? Laney and Cannon are tough cookies. They will resist the idea of marriage to each other.”
The Commander laughed. “Sarah and her antics crack me up, but I promised her another opportunity with the humans. She goofs a lot, but her compassion makes up for the bungles. When on Earth, our newest angel takes on earthling’s traits, and I wouldn’t commit this task to Sarah if I didn’t have confidence in her ability to get the job done. However, Tomas must be allowed to work his assignment without her interference. Tomas is Laney’s defender, not Sarah, but knowing Sarah, she will try to help Tomas.” He turned; expanded his wings to an even grander span, and readied to zip off. “Keep me posted.”
“Yes sir.”
Sarah prepared for her descent from The Heavenlies. By earth’s schedule, it had been months since she had been below. But there was no timetable in The Heavenlies.  Eternity recognized no calendars, clocks, or time pieces and it had no beginning or end.
She had once served the Superiors in Houston, Texas, and now her orders were to return to the same city. But Houston was huge. How could a clueless angel find the way? Grasping her orders, Sarah had no sense of direction for getting around in heaven or on earth. She wished for one of those GPS devices those humans used, but angels weren’t supposed to need them.
Pointing her body toward earth, she zoomed like a bomb straight down to Texas. When sky scrapers came into view, Sarah righted herself and drifted to the terrain’s surface. She landed in a parking lot surrounded by buildings. Good—back on this special planet called Earth.
Sarah had never been to the other galaxies in the universe, but many angels had. She hoped her missions were always for the earthlings. She liked these people.
Her stomach rumbled.
Why was she always hungry? It would be necessary to find a place to fortify strength before finding Laney. Once the assignment started, it might be hours before a chance to satisfy appetite presented itself.
She glanced at the signage on the building. How fortunate—an eatery: Pop’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. While invisible, she ducked behind the structure and made sure no one would see her. It wouldn’t do for earthlings to see a woman materialize out of nowhere.
Now then—when people looked, they would see a young lady dressed in jeans and tee shirt. On the last trip to earth, she’d had discovered stilettos wasn’t her thing, so this time she opted for a pair of sneakers.
The day was hot. She had the ability to cool herself with her internal thermometer but decided to check inside to see if any adjustment was necessary.
She strolled up to Pop’s lunch counter. A man with a white beard and baseball cap over his white hair stood ready with a pencil in his hand. “What would you like to order Miss?”
“I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate malt.”
He handed her a number for her order; she summoned money from the handbag, paid the man, and chose a table. After a few minutes, the man brought the burger basket to her. “Would you like anything else?”
Sarah looked up at the kind man and smiled. “I could use some directions. I don’t know my way around Houston.”
The man smiled. “Me either. I don’t think I can be of much help to you.”
Sarah lifted her eyebrows. “How long have you lived here?”
“All my life, but I stay close to Dallas. Don’t get to Houston very often.”
Sarah frowned. “Aren’t I in Houston?”
“No ma’am, you’re in Dallas.”

“Oh merciful heavens!” 

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