Thursday, June 8, 2017

Count your Books

How would you like to count these books? Dust them? 
No? Me neither. 

 If you pull one book out, will they all tumble down?

I love books. I love writing books. Whoever stacked books in the above photo does too. He/she must have a fantastic mind. How else could he/she find the one they looked for? To be honest, that clutter would drive me crazy.

Hubby and I are spending mountains of time helping our daughter, but work continues. 

I've finished the edits for Mattie's Choice. At least I hope I've finished. I thought so once before and then I got a new editor. The new editor and I went over the book again, so now I wait for the galleys.

Mattie's Choice chronicles the lives of two women in the historical years between 1925 and 1975. Mattie and her sister-in-law, Ella faced harsh circumstances, but remained strong in spite of setbacks. The choices these ladies made were difficult.

I'll be happy to add Mattie's Choice to my shelves.  Have you read any of my Sarah books?  They will make you chuckle.  Mattie's Choice will make you cry.  Depending on the day, you may need to do both. Cry and laugh.

I hope today is one filled with faith, hope, and laughter.

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