Thursday, March 9, 2017

What to Wear

Mackenzie chose a sweet, pink prom dress. She tried on several, but decided pink was her color.

In this book, Sarah deals with three generations of women. None of them know what to wear for their dates.  Mackenzie is the youngest. She finally thinks pink for prom. Her mom is a chaperone for the school event and has a new love interest. The guy will be there. Suits are easy for them. But Mackenzie's mom must find a new dress. Nothing daring. Something conservative, but she wants the guys attention.  Grandmother discovers a new beau and she gets all dolled up to go to a baseball game. Each of the ladies fret over their clothes. 

What to wear?

That's an age old question every woman asks herself. 

Some of those women on daily TV never wear the same dress twice. And they always wear dresses. Short dresses. They sit on couches with all but you know what showing. I guess their male bosses like legs.

It must be expensive to show up daily dressed to the nines in new clothes.

I ran across a site the other day where women can rent clothes. Men usually rent a tux for weddings, but most bridesmaids buy the dress. And some are not fit to be seen in the first time. Brides can choose the weirdest combos. And as a guest, what is proper?

Here's the site if you want to give it a gander.

Rent the Runway

I thought Mackenzie's mom would look nice in this one from the rental site.

Navy and Teal Layer Top by Hunter Bell

Mackenzie's grandmother isn't too old to knock her date dead in this rental outfit. She's headed to Minute Maid Park to see a ballgame.

Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie is a fun book for all ages. See how the women dazzle the guys, and read how Sarah takes care of a bully.  Don't you wish you had an angel to help now and then?

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