Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Unexpected Surprise

Ronnie and Gay

Hubby and I took a guided tour to New England two years ago. I'm a talker and of course I talk about my books.

Guess what? This lady from Pennsylvania had read one of them.  Wow! Now that was a treat. I'll never forget how excited I was to hear that.

Most of my books are romance but the're fantasy too.  And Christian.

This little, havoc causing angel makes romance happen between human couples while she learns what her Maker expects of her... on earth and in heaven.  Kinda like us humans, she learns as she goes along.

I have one book that's not romance or fantasy. It's a contemporary fiction based on a mistreated wife. The publisher asked me to write a novella based on I Corinthians 13, "love is kind."

I called it Clue into Kindness.  Do you have a husband that criticizes you all the time? Georgia did. I'm surprised to hear husbands and wives put each other down, and it's possible to hear such conversations in public places. Sad, right?

A lady phoned me recently. She was laughing, but it was a cover up. She was outraged and embarrassed. While she cooked in the kitchen, her hubby slipped behind her with a tape measure and proceeded to measure her rear end. She was getting a new bathtub, and he wanted to make sure she would fit in it.

Not a nice thing to do. You think? What would you have done? I'd have said, "now turn around and I'll measure yours. You aren't a little guy." I guess that wouldn't be a kind response. 

My friend laughed and said nothing, but she hurt inside.

Words and actions can be unkind. Wouldn't it be great for marriage if we each thought before we spoke or acted?

To all you husbands out there. Do not bring a tape measure to gauge your wife's body parts. That's a no no.

In Clue into Kindness, Georgia could have been more outspoken. (Like me) But she chose to follow the path of kindness and stood up for herself in sweet ways.  

Book Review
Reviewed by Julie Hodgson for Readers' Favorite

Gay N. Lewis' Clue into Kindness is a story about Georgia, a woman who loves her husband, but he often says things that make her feel sad. He doesn't think before he speaks; then situations arise where he does things that embarrass Georgia or her friends. Georgia is a kind woman and always tries to avoid situations where her husband verbally abuses her. Her kindness goes above and beyond to keep the peace with her husband, but she always feels like she is walking on egg shells! Even her friends do not like him.

Her life and situation change after attending a party at her father-in-law's house. Her husband Alan hears some home truths about his behaviour from his friends during the party. Hearing these things about his behaviour, he tries hard to mend his ways. But could it be too late for Georgia to accept his willingness to change? Especially after the years of verbal abuse she experienced? It is an arduous task indeed for her. Do we love unconditionally? Georgia certainly did, and even when temptation comes her way she is steadfast and loyal towards her husband. She firmly believes that kindness will overcome anything presented to her.

Gay N. Lewis' Clue into Kindness illustrates from Corinthians 1:13 that "love is kind." This is certainly not a romantic novella, but a story of the struggle of love and the power of love to overcome adversity, like a husband who can be cruel in what he says. Verbal abuse is not and should not be acceptable anywhere, and certainly not in marriage. Georgia shows utmost kindness to this, and Gay N. Lewis is adept at describing how Georgia feels and the ultimate changes that her husband would/should go through. A heartrending and well written story.

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