Friday, March 17, 2017

Do You Miss Her?

How long has it been since you read a Sarah book?

Even if you finished one yesterday, it's time to start another Sarah book! She's so cute, right? Funny and inspirational. How can you not identify with her? She makes as many goofs as humans do.

I loved writing the Christmas story. Josiah is a real macho, Texas cowboy hunk. Evan though it's spring time, you'll enjoy this one.

Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island is based on my true adventure of taking that same cruise. I went alone, and the trip was a healing experience for me. My dad had just died and I felt overwhelmed. Having meals and pampering was just the thing I needed. I loved writing the Sarah parts of this book, but I don't like writing about evil spirits, even though they exist. Sarah encounters one in this book. The results are riotous. 

If you read book one (All Sarah books are stand alone. You don't need to read in order, but if you read book one, this one is a short story as a follow up. Wouldn't you like to know what happened to Tom and Marcy?

You have other choices. You'll find them all on Amazon Just type in my name. Gay N. Lewis

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