Friday, March 3, 2017

Choosing a Prom Dress


Mackenzie chose a pink, demure dress for her prom. Would this one be considered demure?

In this chapter, Mackenzie and Ashley shop for prom dresses. Ashley has a date, but Mackenzie doesn't. Sarah, the haphazard angel, plans to find one for Mackenzie. Sarah tags along with the friends in an invisible form and drools over the dresses and shoes.


An invisible Sarah tagged along with Ashley and Mackenzie to the mall. My stars! The dresses the friends perused were gorgeous…and the ones Ashley kept selecting were expensive. While Ashley tried on clothes, Mackenzie sat on a chair in the dressing room’s hallway and Sarah found a comfy spot in the corner. Sarah placed a hand over her lips in an effort to remain silent— hard to do when the girls had so many pretty things to exclaim over. “What do you think of this one?” Ashley exited a cubby, modeling a black number with a strapless beaded top and full, floor-length skirt.

 “Beautiful. Are you going to be comfortable in it?” 

“Probably not. Let me try the next one.” After a few minutes, she appeared in a white, filmy thing with straps. “Well?” “That outfit looks like a negligee.”  

“I thought so too. You try one on and we’ll compare designs and ideas.”

 Mackenzie selected two dresses and disappeared. When she stepped out, she wore a sweet, pink dress with a beaded, jewel neckline and cap sleeves. Ashley stood at the three-way mirror in a backless mermaid dress, split showing leg at the side, and bling covering the bodice. 

“Wow, Mack! You look stunning. That dress is perfect for you. Demure and sweet.” 

“Maybe I’d rather be more daring. Look at you. You’d stop a train.” “This one is a little too sophisticated, but you’re beautiful in that one.” 

Sarah ogled each dress and founded it difficult to keep still. She wanted to put her two cents into the conversation. Oh, to wear beautiful robes created by the designers in The Heavenlies. She glanced at her white muslin and sighed inaudibly. Maybe one day, she’d be given one with sparkles. 

Ashley chose a blue halter top with the blingy sides cut out to reveal her small waist. “This is the one for me. Why don’t you buy one? If you don’t end up with a date, you can always bring it back.” 

Mackenzie twisted her mouth. “I do like the pink one, even if it’s a bit reserved.” Her lips relaxed into a grin. “I guess it’s more me.” “The color is perfect with your blonde hair.” 

Mackenzie shook out her curls. “I’ve washed it two more times. The green and orange are beginning to fade. I’ll never try that again.” 

Ashley chewed her lip a few minutes as though deciding whether to speak her mind. “What if Pace wants you to color it again. Would you?”

Pink crept into Mackenzie’s cheeks. “Maybe.” “What are you wearing tonight for your date?”

“Jeans and a cropped top. He said to dress casual.” She shrugged, and her smile resembled a two-year old child caught with her hand in a cookie jar. “I’m nervous.”

“Relax and be yourself. The Mackenzie I know would never do anything to hurt herself or others, but I can’t help but worry. Pace is the kind of guy headed toward trouble, and I don’t want you going into the ditch with him.” 

Sarah nodded in agreement. Mackenzie gathered her things. “In a way, I want what I’ve never had, but a portion of me is terrified to go for it.” 

Ashley hugged her friend. “I’ll pray your guardian angel rides along with you.” 

She'd be there, but she was no guardian. Sarah sighed and followed the teens to the shoe department. In the shoe department, she drooled. After sampling several, Ashley chose a silver pair of heels and Mackenzie selected pink. When they left the department, Sarah breathed easier and felt she’d escaped something similar to a plague. Poopty doopty! The temptation to try on shoes had been as strong as a sailor’s knot, but she’d ignored the lure. Those adorable red stilettos left on the floor by a previous customer had drawn her as if they’d been magnetized. No doubt she’d have placed her feet in them and promptly fallen down if the ladies had lingered a few minutes longer. 

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