Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gay's Days: Birthday!!

July 4
A day to celebrate my birthday.
I bet you didn't know all those fireworks were for me!
Yep! I’m a Fourth of July firecracker, my sister was born July 15 four years afterwards, and on July 23, my brother came into the world nineteen years later. My mom and I were pregnant at the same time. I didn’t need to buy maternity clothes. I inherited hers. July is the birthday month in our family. Three family members celebrate their birth the same day, July 15.
Aren't the flowers beautiful? Red, white and blue. A friend brought them.
We ate cheeseburgers, potato salad, baked beans and cake.
I'd show you a picture of the cake, but it was a major disappointment. The bakery lady failed to show up for work and others had to fill in for her. I'd ordered a white cake with cream cheese frosting and ganache trim. Employees used a yellow cake for the bottom layer and a white one for a top layer. The icing was ganache without cream cheese frosting.  They tried.
All in all, it was a wonderful day.
What is your favorite birthday memory.
My favorite is the time I gave myself a surprise birthday party. I invited my family to San Antonio to a hotel on the River Walk. I bought my own gifts and had the store gift wrap them for me.  I ordered a wedding cake and carried it in my lap from Houston to San Antonio. I made everyone leave the room and then I decorated walls and table tops with crepe paper and balloons. When I'd placed the cake and gifts on the table, I called the group back in and yelled, "Surprise!" Then I sang the Happy Birthday song to myself.
Everyone in my family remembers that occasion. My daughters found a key chain to give me. It says, "Nearly Normal."
My latest book came out in time for my birthday.
I'm pleased it got here in time to celebrate with me.

I hope you'll get it today from Amazon, read it, and leave a review. My birthday will be complete if you do.
Here are a few excerpts from the book.

    Squinting one eye, Sarah tapped her chin. Perhaps she could waltz into a saloon of sorts and find a single man at a bar. She’d heard men sought out women while guzzling down drinks. She could assume a female disguise, saunter up to a male and say something like, “Hello, if you’re 36 years old and aren’t smashed, would you like to meet a nice woman about your age?”

            Boom! The Commander’s voice came through the door loud and clear. “Sarah!”

            Sarah grimaced as if she’d been tackled by a football linebacker. “Sorry.”

Another Excerpt

            What are y’all doing back there?” The preacher’s tone indicated genuine interest. “Didn’t you feel that gust of wind?” A man spoke from the middle row of the choir.

            “In here?” The pastor furrowed his brow.

            “We felt the Spirit. Maybe we’re about to experience another Pentecost.” The choir member’s voice carried all the way to the rear of the auditorium.

            The pastor shook his head. “Not in my church.”

            The audience roared again.

            The pastor’s face turned from pink to purple. “Uh…ah…um…that’s not what I meant. I hope we do have a revival of the Spirit in here—just wasn’t expecting it today.”


        “Glad to hear it. Worship is the best way to spend a Sunday, but I realize many people must work. If you need a place of worship, I can offer mine. It’s on the corner of Wayford Way and West Street.”

            “Thanks. I’ll attend sometime. Can you meet attractive, single women there?”

            William’s eyebrows shot toward the heavens. “Are you only interested in females? Our  church is made up of mostly families and a few single people, but we do have several ladies’ classes.”

Oh, my stars. What must he think? Why must I constantly say the wrong thing?


     Rumble. Another warning. “Poopty doopty! I like these kids. I don’t want them to make a mistake.” She glanced upward. 

Another reverberation sounded. “Okay, okay, I got the message. I’m not supposed to interfere with human choices between good and evil, I know that. And yes, I know I shouldn’t whack them with flying objects. Sorry.” 

The Heavenlies quieted and Sarah snuggled once more under her blue blanket, but she smiled as sleep came her way.
I hope you enjoy Sarah and the Double Wedding Woes.

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