Friday, July 22, 2016

Christmas Already


In this scorching month of July, I'm celebrating Christmas. A Christmas in July sale, that is.
 This eBook is usually $3.99, but for a few more days, it is 99 cents on Amazon. Oh! And by the way, it is available in print too, but the eBook is at bargain price today.
A wealthy widow…two suitors…only one truly loves Beth…a
haphazard Sarah must discover the genuine article. Mayhem
 abounds as Sarah plays detective.

Here are a few excerpts.
In this one, Sarah has just landed on the planet and as always, she's lost.

Maybe some nice person inside that place could give an indication of where she needed to go. Oh, but that required a disguise.

Okay, to find a place to make an appearance. Earthlings didn’t understand how a being could materialize out of nowhere. Unexpected arrivals terrified people—wonder why? In The Heavenlies, unexpected entrances were common place, but down here, it simply didn’t happen.

 Slipping behind a huge trash dumpster, she landed as teenaged boy. With a baseball cap pulled low, white t-shirt, denim jacket hanging open, and jeans worn low on the hips, she sauntered into the store. Good—a man and not a female stood behind the counter. Surely this old gent wouldn’t try to flirt with her—those things happened on past trips.

“Hello young fella. What can I do for you?”

“I need directions.” Using her boyish voice, Sarah pulled her scroll out, unwound it, and pointed to a street. “Can you tell me where this is?”

“Well, I’ll be. Harold come look at this map. Have ya ever seen anything like this before?”

Sarah inwardly churned—great! Just great! She’d forgotten to change the ornate scroll into an ordinary looking chart. The one she’d handed the man, attached to elaborate golden rods, displayed fancy inlaid pearl finials. Now what?

Harold ambled over. “Nah, never seen anything like that ‘fore.” With eyebrows coming together in a deep frown, he roamed his eyes over Sarah.

“My father is an artist. He drew it for me.” That was certainly true—sort of. The Commander wasn’t her heavenly father, but he remained close to the Almighty.

Harold whistled. “Your dad sure goes to a lot of trouble. Lookee Amos, this here thing resembles one of them Biblical parchments.” Taking the document in both hands, he rolled it up and down.

Gulping, Sarah nodded. “My father is remarkable.”

With eyes wide and full of appreciation, Harold nodded. “Sure is.”

Here's another excerpt. Sarah is trying to find information, and she isn't tech savvy.
Poopty doopty. A dead end. Her gaze rested on the internet connection. How about trying the computer?
Oh my word—how does Bryan navigate that gizmo? Classes teaching equipment existed in The Heavenlies, but the contraptions down here changed rapidly. New technology required endless study, and Sarah grimaced. Why did she procrastinate so much? Now here she stood—with no clue as to how to manage that scary thingy.
 “Next time those classes are offered, take a refresher course.” Sarah covered her mouth. Not too smart to even whisper in this place. Some person might hear.
The screen provided many of those little icons she presented at the last seminar, but which one to try? Moving the gadget called a mouse, Sarah clicked on an image titled “clients.”
A list of names emerged.
Scrolling down, she found Beth Marsh. Next to the moniker, a column of figures appeared. When Sarah read the statistics estimating the woman’s net worth, she felt her eyes grow wide. Amazing! This lady could finance a third world country.
No wonder so many men pursued her.
And only one could be the gentleman who wouldn’t care about the fortune.  A certain worthy man would love Beth and not her money.
How in the world could she find out which one God intended for Beth?
In this excerpt, Tomas, a warrior angel, brings Sarah a message.
“If Beth marries the wrong man, her life will be in danger. There is a wicked person down here on this planet who schemes to kill her and inherit her fortune. I’m preparing to come down and protect her if the wrong marriage occurs. I just received my orders.”
Sarah covered her mouth with her hand and then dropped it. “What am I supposed to do?”
“Your orders haven’t changed. You are to lead her to a good man who will cherish her. In so doing, the one who wants to harm her will come to light. By helping her find the virtuous man, you will guide her away from nefarious situations.”
“Do you know who the good guy is?”
Tomas shook his head. “No, and I don’t know who the bad one is either. We are playing the waiting game. Much of it depends on Beth’s choices.”
Sarah shivered. “And a lot depends on me. What if I don’t succeed in guiding her to the right man?”
“Then I come down and carry out my orders.”
One More excerpt.
Beth simply smiled. “A word here and there to the wise is all it takes. Grant was an astute business man, and he taught me how to deal with men like you. You thought I was a weak female who simply inherited everything and knew little. Gentleman, you underestimated me.”
Sarah wanted to give her charge a standing ovation, but she was already standing. Clapping and cheering was definitely out of the question.
Gary stood. “Gentleman, it’s time for you to leave.”
Beth rose to her feet as the men prepared to head to the front door. “Oh, and there’s just one more thing.”
The men turned to face her.
“Charles, you’re fired.”
Here in the middle of summer, enjoy a Christmas
story. The book may give you hints for holiday
decorating. Ideas for trees, garlands, lights, ornaments,
nativity sets are all included in the novel. As quickly as
 time goes by, Christmas will be here before we know it,
but enjoy a bit of it now while you wait.



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