Friday, July 1, 2016

Gay's Days: Double Wedding Woes

Sarah has returned with another adventure!
Three men are in trouble!


In the sequel, Sarah and the Double Wedding Woes, the Superiors send their haphazard angel to earth again—this time to match up Mackenzie’s mom to Robert, and Mackenzie’s grandmother to William—all at the same time.  Three relationships are in peril. Each will fall into a hole if one or more relationships fail to succeed. Terror punches Sarah in the stomach when she follows Jessica and Robert to Chicago. Houston is scary enough, but her assignments have always been in or near that city. If she doesn’t get lost in Chicago, all might be well. Hold it! Back in Houston, another scary situation presents itself. She must attend a ballgame with Bonnie and William. The queen of all panic attacks strikes her this time. Three men are in triple trouble with Sarah in pursuit.

You don't have to read the Sarah books in order. They are each stand alone novels.  After you read Sarah and the Double Wedding Woes, you will want to read Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie.

In the first book, Sarah and A Date for Mackenzie, the notorious goof up angel brings a reluctant Mackenzie and an eager Ethan together. High school is a challenge, but Sarah gets the best of a bully. He’s a James Dean type with a nefarious background and wishes to harm Mackenzie. After Sarah rids the rebel from Mackenzie’s life, she then shows Ethan’s fine qualities to Mackenzie. Disguised as a human, Sarah attends the prom. Look out! A mishap angel is among the dancers.

 I hope all of you have a good July planned. Stay safe, cool and healthy. After the food and fireworks, relax with a good laugh. Sarah will give you one.

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