Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gay's Days: Excerpt from Sarah and the Double Wedding Woes

Hi Friends,

The latest Sarah is book is out now. Sarah reminds us of ourselves. Like Sarah, we humans often attempt to accomplish a situation on our own rather than ask for divine help.

Sarah, the angel who helps humans, makes blunders as she tries various disguises in this scene. She needs to find out if William is married. She could ask heaven for answers, but she prefers to go it alone. Don't we all at times? We sometimes play act around people too. We put on facades.

Maybe with a disguise, she could learn on her own. She constantly pestered The Heavenlies about something. Maybe this time, she should give them a break and discover things for herself. After all, she merely needed to know if this man was married.

Going to the roof, Sarah donned the uniform of a Girl Scout and loaded her arms with boxes of cookies. She then slipped down to the front door and punched the doorbell.

William arrived and smiled. “Well, hello, little lady. What have you got there?”

“Lots of cookies. I’m hoping you’ll buy all these boxes.”

“I’d love to, but I bought twelves boxes from another seller last spring. I placed my order and they delivered them months ago. I gave most away but still have a few in the pantry.” He scratched his neck. “Isn’t the cookie drive over? As I recall, the kids usually come in the spring.”

“They do?” Sarah cleared her throat. “Well, I thought we might have missed your house.”

William chuckled. “No, they know I’m a soft touch. Are the cookies still fresh?”

Uh oh. What to say now? “I just made them myself this morning.”

Sarah’s potential buyer laughed as if he were talking to his favorite granddaughter. “Is that right? In that case, I’ll buy a box or two.” He pulled cash from his pocket and handed it to her. “I don’t need change. Donate the remainder to your troop.”

“Thanks. Maybe your wife will help you eat them.” Sarah handed him two boxes.

William shook his head. “I’ll take these to my workplace.” A twinkle resembling candles appeared in his eyes. “Since these are just baked, my friends will gobble them down faster than pecan pie. Goodbye, little lady. Good luck with your sales.”

He closed the door.

Well, that turned out to be a fine how-do-you-do. After the charade, she hadn’t learned about a wife, only that the man worked, and cookies were usually sold in the spring.

What to do next? Sarah walked to the side of the house and disappeared. Arriving once more on the roof, she opened a box of the sweet treats. Not a bad snack, but her tummy wanted burgers. Too bad she could only call forth items she needed with her mission to help the humans. The Superiors frowned upon angels taking advantage of their powers for personal needs.

After finishing two boxes of cookies, Sarah sat cross-legged and fumed. How to get the information she needed?

“Okay, let’s try this.” Sarah assumed the disguise of an attractive, middle-aged woman in business suit and heels. Glancing down, she smiled. They weren’t the red stilettos she longed to wear, but they were pretty pumps with high heels. Now to walk in them. After a few steps, her ankles wobbled and she opened her arms to balance. She plopped down on the shingles and grimaced.

“Oh, well. Guess not.” She transformed her shoes to black flats. “Boring, but you’ll have to do.” After bringing forth a case on rollers, she slipped down again to the front door. Once more, Sarah tapped the buzzer.

When William opened the door, she smiled. “Hello, I’m the Avon lady. Is your wife home? I have some lovely items I’d like to show her.”

William shook his head. “Sorry. No women here today. You Avon ladies work on Sunday?”

“Not usually. I forgot it was Sunday.”

“You don’t attend church?” William’s expression showed interest.

“Yes, usually I do.”

“Glad to hear it. Worship is the best way to spend a Sunday, but I realize many people must work. If you need a place of worship, I can offer mine. It’s on the corner of Wayford Way and West Street.”

“Thanks. I’ll attend sometime. Can you meet attractive, single women there?”

William’s eyebrows shot toward the heavens. “Are you only interested in females? Our church is made up of mostly families and a few single people, but we do have several ladies’ classes.”

Oh, my stars. What must he think? Why must I constantly say the wrong thing? “I like Bible studies designed with the woman in mind.”

“Oh, I see. Good. We have those, and you’ll be welcomed. Sorry I can’t use your products. You might try the neighbor on the corner.” He smiled. “Come visit our church. Again, sorry I can’t help you.” He shut the door.

Sigh. Back on the roof, Sarah changed into a robe, plopped down and rested her arms on her knees. “He’s a kind man, and he values Sunday worship. These are good tips to identify, but I still don’t know about a wife.”



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