Thursday, July 9, 2015

Traveling in Texas.

Vacation 2015

Good morning friends,

Would you like to travel along with me as I relive a few memories?  Maybe you haven’t been on a long road trip in a long time. Perhaps you’ll gain new ideas about where to go and what to do as you hear about one.

Paul (hubby) and I left our home west of Houston on June 25 and returned July 4, 2015. By the time we returned, we'd traveled nineteen hundred miles. Whew!

On the way to Marshall, TX to attend a Lewis Family Reunion. You'll find Marshall, TX north of Longview, close to Shreveport and the Louisiana border. We stopped in Tyler to eat lunch with long-time friends before our planned destination. The Wrights joined the church Paul pastored in Irving years ago, and it remains a joy to call them special.  This picture was made a couple of years ago when I was thinner and Paul had more hair. I failed to take one after we ate lunch. Shame on me for not doing that.

Paul’s family grows smaller. His mother gave birth to twelve children. Can you imagine her work load? I can’t either. I find myself grateful these days for smaller families. Out of the dozen, Paul is one of the younger ones among the six remaining siblings.
 We had a total of twenty-eight. Here's the entire clan.
 April Fox's photo.
The youngest to attend was three months old.

Cousins are pictured below.
Unfortunately our daughters couldn't come, but several other offspring did. Originally the grandchildren to the matriarch of this family numbered almost fifty.

 Here are a few places we explored in Marshall.
Once the original courthouse, the building now is a museum. Several of us toured it and found it interesting.

Several of us sat in the judges seats. What a blast.
Here we are going up the steps in this beautiful and old building.

We visited the Starr Family Home.
April Fox's photo.
Well, that's enough for today. Come back tomorrow for another installment. I plan to tell you about the wreck we had. (I wasn't driving)  Don't forget, road trips can be long, especially in Texas. Take Sarah along to read while you travel.

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