Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gay's Days Deer today

We live near Houston in Weston Lakes.  Although our community is populated with over two thousand people, it is not uncommon to see deer. We also enjoy our share of other animals, some pesky critters dig holes in the flower beds. We capture them in traps and release them several miles away.
These little guys nibbled on the ground cover, but didn't care it.
Momma deer keeps an eye on her fawn in our backyard.

Running and jumping. They reminded me of human toddlers playing.
Ahhh....the joys of country living in the city.
In my book, Sarah: Laney's Angel, I use our neighborhood setting in the story. Laney has a stalker hiding near the Brazos River. This body of water flows through the back of Weston Lakes, and there are plenty of places for someone to hide.  I found it easy to describe such an area from gazing at places in our neighborhood.

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