Saturday, December 12, 2015

An Assignment he didn't ask for.

He Didn't Ask God for This One

Has God asked you to accept a task you hadn’t sought, imagined or coveted?

God requested Joseph to undertake one such as that.

Their families had engaged Joseph and Mary early in life. This occurred back in the day when couples were legally bound to each other but not yet living together as husband and wife.
 An Angel changed the situation.
It wasn’t Sarah who visited Joseph, but God sent another angel in a dream to tell Joseph to take Mary as his wife.
Mother Mary Praying
The Holy Spirit had brought about this pregnancy to the innocent Mary, and the angel explained the situation to Joseph. According to the messenger, Joseph would raise and protect God’s only Son. The angel even named the child—Jesus. No need for ultrasound when God sends an angel.

Joseph knew the baby wasn’t biologically his, and he needed to live with the babe’s mom without intimacy until after the birth. Can you imagine couples residing together without becoming one in this century? Before the dream, Joseph was in a quandary.
Networking Diagram
Joseph had the right to legally divorce Mary—even stone her for adultery, but Joseph being an honorable man, wished to break his contract with Mary and her family without social media hearing about it.

Now remember, Scripture describes Joseph as righteous. This noble guy trusted God. God also counted on Joseph to carry out the monumental mission.  So….Joseph did as he was bidden.
Nativity Scene

God consigned His only son to a human man who would provide, protect, and train His child while Jesus lived among us. Oh sure, God watched over and provided for the little family from the throne, but Joseph carried out on earth the objectives for God Almighty, the true Father of Jesus.

Now that was a huge responsibility for Joseph.


The assignment was given to Mary also, and I'll write about that tough commission for her later.

In my life today, I’ve been given an assignment I didn’t seek, dream of or want. The challenge carries a lot of heaviness for me. How about you? Do you have weights on your shoulders too?

If you don’t, you may have one, two or more at a future date.

May we be as Joseph and accept the responsibility joyfully—knowing God is control and has favored us with an extraordinary undertaking that only we can do. We are special! Accepting missions from God may not be easy, but they are rewarding and often make the world a better place—as God did with the birth of His Son.
Nativity Scene
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In Sarah: A Mission of Love, Sarah unites a little girl, Hope, with a stepdad. Her biological father was killed serving his country.

In Sarah and a Dad for Mandy, Sarah finds a stepdad for Mandy. Her mother didn't know who'd fathered the little girl.
I admire the men and women who faithfully love, protect and provide for children they didn't give biologically produce. They chose these children. In so doing, they quite often accept what turns out to be a challenge.

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