Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gay's Days How Safe Are You on Halloween?

How Safe Are You on Halloween?

As a child, I never cared for Halloween.  I thought it a bit scary. The positive part of that night was getting a measure of freedom. My mom was over-protective and never let my sister and me go more than five houses down, but on Halloween, we were permitted to approach six houses on each side of us, as well as the same number across the street. Joy! A degree of liberation. That was better than candy—but the sugary treats were good too.

During those years, no one had yet to envision wicked actions such as poisoning kid’s candy, but then some evil person did. Others have followed suit over the years. That act by a demon changed the way we enjoy the night.

Kids aren’t safe this day and time. Neither are adults. Accepting homemade treats is unwise. Store bought treats are usually harmless. Don’t let the kiddos go into the unknown without supervision. Be cautious about where the kids knock on doors. Examine all candy.
Don't be too anxious. Do have fun!
We are attending a party tonight. My neighbor has invited us. We are supposed to wear costumes. Hubby and I will go as we are, but since we are a preacher and wife, I think that should be enough to scare the evil spirits. Don’t you agree?

Our neighbor loves to decorate for every holiday. She’s outdone herself this year.


 How did Halloween start anyway?
Halloween originated as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, meaning “summer’s end.” The autumnal holiday, rooted in Christian and pagan festivals—with elements of magic and mystery, celebrated the link between seasonal and life cycles (winter was then a time associated with death).”
 The Library of Congress.

I gather from this quote that Halloween started as a way to celebrate the end of a season, and some individual convinced others along the way that spirits would return to visit living relatives on that night.
Do you like stories about ghosts and spirits?

Writers create stories about evil spirits. You'll find books dedicated to Halloween.  I prefer to write about the holy ones. My latest short story is FREE on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Sarah is a sweet angel with many insecurities. She won't scare you, but she'll make you laugh.

Many Americans will celebrate tonight with parties and costumes. Some will dress as goblins, skeletons, ghosts, witches, others will dress as super heroes such as Spider Man. Whatever you do, stay safe!



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