Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mood Swings at Christmas

Expect various moods this time of year
Christmas Gift
Sad Man In The Shadows

Bright lights, beautiful music, warm slippers, cozy fireplace, hot chocolate.
make us think Christmas, cheer, and goodwill...even temporarily.

Happy Family
Joyful times
Dog SadSad Child
Sad Dog
Sad Angel   SAD TIMES
Families together, small or matter. Special times.
Those we miss live in our hearts and memories.
What's going on in your life this Christmas?
May God bless you with happy moments and comfort you in the unhappy ones.
Very few people escape the season without a bit of  sorrow, anger, or frustration.
But yes, we can experience delight too.
You're normal!
Maybe even a bit like Sarah, the angel.
3.99 on Amazon
Sarah has her down days.
She loves the humans and wants to do well on earth, especially at Christmas, the blessed event from The Heavenlies.
But alas, that doesn't always happen.
Let Sarah cheer you with her antics.


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