Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gay's Days, October 7, 2014

Good morning friends,

While I ran errands yesterday, I stopped at the hardware store to shop for Christmas gifts.

Did I hear you say, "huh? Hardware store? Did she buy hammers to use as stocking stuffers?"

The Ace Hardware store where I shop has the Trendz Boutique located in the front half of the store, and they have unique items for the home. I drool over the costume jewelry and clothing items. They even have gourmet coffee and foods. I sampled the Snickerdoodle blend. Delicious.

I found a large supply of angels, and you know how I love angels. Here's a picture of three--they had many more of various shapes and sizes.  I'm trying to decide which one of the trio I want.  Let me know the one you like best. I'm looking for one that doesn't look too much like Christmas. I plan to leave out it out all year.

The tallest angel stands 21 inches and the second tallest is 17 inches. Her wings are metal.
I'm leaning toward the middle one.
How about this Santa?
Santa stood in my way, and he's as tall as I am.
If you are ever in Katy, Texas, stop by the Ace Hardware. Address: 1720 S Mason Rd, You'll like the store.
I found two Christmas gifts while I browsed. Have you started yet? I'm planning to finish in a timely manner this year, and this is really early for me. Perhaps there is hope. My family will be amazed.

The store also had fall decorations, but I thought Christmas when I saw all the displays.

I wrote almost five hundred Sarah words yesterday. She's having an amazing experience out there on the deep blue sea.

Now I'm thinking about the book about to come out...Sarah and a Dad for Mandy. That book will be officially released a week from today! I can hardly wait!

Let me know which angel you like best. And I hope you are planning to read Mandy!

Until tomorrow............

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