Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gay's Days, October 30, 2014

This statue is a new addition in my doctor's office.
The statue is almost as tall as I am, and I usually sit in the chair next to the wall.  Now that the gold thing stands there, I sit somewhere else.
Not that I'm afraid of it, mind you. The object has no powers. I simply believe in my God, and He doesn't approve of images representing one.
Perhaps this item is art, and has no religious significance.  I meant to ask, but after three hours to see the doctor last Monday, I forgot.
He's a very good physician, and I'm pleased to find him. His office staff provides professional and friendly service, and his reputation notable. That's one reason I wait for him.
I took two of my books to his office the other day. I signed them and asked the ladies to share. I hope the staff will read them. My books are inspirational and God is mentioned often. I've been told my books aren't too preachy, so that's good.  I give away books as a witnessing tool of who I am and the God I serve.
One of the ladies I gave a book to lives in Sugar Land, so I brought her a copy of Sarah: Laney's Angel.  The other woman lives in the Houston area. I gave her Sarah: A Mission of Love.  Perhaps they will pass the novels around and others will have an opportunity to read Sarah's story.
I'm guessing that most of you who read my blog are Christians.  What do you do to share your faith? Other faiths share. Perhaps in ways we don't like. I wish our radical Islam friends weren't so drastic. Threatening people to convert to a faith is extreme, in my opinion.
God gives us free will and choice, so we are welcome to choose any faith we want. Of course, there are major consequences if we don't choose the One and Only True God.
Perhaps the physician shares his faith through the art work. I communicate mine through books as well as other ways.  Anyone want to comment on the ways they share their faith? I love comments.

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