Friday, October 10, 2014

Gay's Days, October 10, 2014

Guess what I found yesterday?

My blender.  Can you believe I forgot I had one?  Well, if you read my ramblings, you know I'm not a good cook, and you'd realize I don't use appliances often. 

Poor hubby. He eats whatever I offer and never complains. I cooked breakfast for dinner last night and thought I'd add a pancake to go with the eggs, bacon, and potatoes. While I was rummaging around in my cabinets, I found a waffle iron.  Forgot I had that too.  I decided to make waffles instead of pancakes.  That wasn't possible...I couldn't find the electric cord to the waffle gadget.  Wonder where that doodad is?

I used the blender this morning to make a smoothie.  I had banana/strawberry juice, yogurt, carrots and blueberries, so I liquefied them, put the mixture into a pretty glass, and I'm drinking this creation for breakfast as I tell you my tales. I'd like to lose a pound this week, but I say that to myself every week and never do. I doubt this smoothie will stay with me long. I'll be hungry again in an hour. After I go to the gym, I'll do my best to stay away from the fast food burgers.

I bought a new Bible. My current one is wearing out.  But you know what? I find I keep using the old one. I love my timeworn friend the best. I've written in it, added sticky notes, and placed a few important pictures in of my mom and dad who are now in heaven. Do you have a time-honored friend? There's no better companion than your Bible. God's word speaks to us through this great book.

Just as we eat food everyday, we need His Word regularly.
My forever friend in blue is the NIV translation. Since hubby preaches from the NKJV, I bought that version. Both my Bibles are study Bibles, but my old friend has better notes regarding hard-to-understand Scripture. Perhaps one reason that people don't read the truth in these pages is because the Word of God is difficult at times to understand.  A good study Bible helps with that.
I was happy to see two of my Sarah books on Amazon's Best Seller List this morning. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday when the next edition comes out. Sarah and a Dad for Mandy. I hope you will read Sarah and leave a review. You can't imagine how much authors appreciate reviews.
Got to run. Ya'll keep that smile.

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