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Sarah at Christmas

Monday, July 27, 2015

Gay's Days. Stealing from the Natives.



According to the above New York Times article, Congress has sold native lands to a group outside the United States.

Native Apaches use this land in Arizona for ceremonies as young girls advance to womanhood.

On the wall the Inn of the Mountain Gods in New Mexico, I photographed an image of a young Mescalero Apache woman. The rite of passage takes place on her  reservation in New Mexico.

A girl's family often prepare a year in advance for the four day ceremony, and it usually takes around July 4. The relatives secure dancers, singers, medicine men and women, and of course the ceremonial dress is important. Kinfolk provide free food, parades and sell art treasures. This event is sacred to the young women and the tribe.

Haven't we taken enough from our native peoples without stealing more from them?