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Sarah at Christmas

Friday, October 3, 2014

Gay's Day, October 3, 2014

Hello again,

Guess what? My white chili turned out delicious. I'll try that one again. A simple, hearty, and easy dish. I served it with salad, garlic-cheese bread, and ice cream with strawberries for dessert.  Even hubby said it was good.  He usually says, "not bad." There are several recipes on the Internet. Choose one that sounds good to you. My white beans were navy beans, and I used 2 cans of chopped green chilies. I read all the labels on chicken stock at the market and chose the one with the lowest amount of sodium.

I should have taken a picture to show you, but the dish didn't look all that pretty. In fact, with the brown chicken broth, it didn't look white, but the recipe called it 'white chili.'

We have lovely temps today and the humidity is lower. Nice, huh?  I enjoy looking at the weather report and seeing what other parts of the world experience for the day. A few of you may have snow today.

I'm going to walk in the neighborhood. A jaunt around the blocks are nice where I live. People seem to outdo each other with landscaping. We don't have fall color yet, and I see that many of you do. I'd love to visit your area to see those lovely hues again. God is an awesome artist.

Can you believe the weekend is here? I hope you'll escape the ugly that's in the news and read one of my fun books. If I watch too much of the bad stuff, it gets me down.  Not only is our world in turmoil, but sometimes we experience personal stress. An escape is a healthy thing to do.

People often ask me which of my books is my favorite, and my answer changes from day to day. I like the one I'm working on right now, and I especially favor the one I just finished. Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.  Sarah realizes she can't help all the needy children in the world, and she is thrilled to help at least one.

I often wonder what I do to help. One by one by one by one by one...................

Two days ago, I saw an oriental young woman holding a cardboard sign. It read, "Money for rent. Two children." Before I could dig out money, the light changed, and I had to drive on. When I went back, the lady wasn't there.

The next day, at another location, I saw two more young women with the same signs.  Now I wonder if it was a scam. Could these women be slaves to some guy who forces them to beg? It happens. Just because there is evil in the world doesn't mean we shouldn't be generous to the needy, but it is wise to give to reputable charities...or people you truly know.

Put your happy face on.

I like this one too. It's the first of the three novellas that will be grouped together.
All the stories coordinate.