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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gay's Days, October 28, 2014

DiAnn Mills, our FHL President, (Faith, Hope and Love) sent an email to members this week. When we travel, she wanted to know if we found a story when we came upon "the beauty, the downtrodden, the victorious, and the beaten?"
I responded that I did, and I've used what I've seen in my travels in several books. But then, I began to laugh as I remembered the photo I'd taken recently while hubby and I traveled in a nearby country town. I've seen lots of items for sale in a yard, but this was the first for a toilet.
Let's make up a story about this one, shall we?
Well, let's see. This item isn't a thing of beauty, but maybe we could go with the victorious theme.
The dialogue could go similar to this.
Wife:     "I want a new toilet."
Hubby:  "Why? This one is perfectly good. No need to spend money."
Wife:     "This one is hard to clean and the lid is broken. You threw it away, remember?"
Hubby:  "Yeah, but it still flushes."
Wife:     "Water sprays out the top when we pull the handle."
Hubby:  "Who cares?" 
Wife:     "I care. Did you ever think about the way you fill up the thing? No telling what other mess spews into the bathroom."
Hubby:   "Okay. I'll make a deal with you. You can have a new one if I sell the old one."
Wife:      "Deal."
The wife became the triumphant winner. Voila! I just wrote a short story. The Toilet in the Yard.
Thanks DiAnn for the suggestion. I think most authors write about what they see, hear, and what (or who) they know. Our imaginations are always at work. So is my outrageous sense of humor.
DiAnn Mills is a Christy Award Winner. You can find her and her books on these sites.
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