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Sarah at Christmas

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gay's Days, October 17, 2014

If you've read Sarah and a Dad for Mandy, You will know that all the characters in the three novellas come together for Karen and Jeremy's wedding.  The couple planned their honeymoon in Quebec City, Quebec Canada.

Hubby and I traveled there about this time last year, and it became one of my favorite places.  Check this YouTube video out. If you haven't been there, this city makes a grand get-away. You can't believe how romantic it is.

Here's an excerpt from Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.

Sarah breezed down into a corner of the bedroom where Karen and Brittany sorted various articles of clothing and placed them into an open bag on the bed.

“I expect Quebec City to be cooler this time of year—certainly more so than Houston right now. I’m taking a lightweight jacket, just in case I need it for night time.”

“How did you and Jeremy decide on Quebec City for a wedding trip?” Brittany folded a long sleeved t-shirt and placed it in the suitcase.

“Do you remember me telling you about that rather unusual woman I met at Gio’s Deli? Those tables at the place butt together. Anyway, I was alone and a stranger sat at a spot next to mine. She started a conversation—said she was in the connection business, and often forgot where she was.”

“Oh, yeah, I recall you talking about her.”

“A very nice person—evidently she traveled a lot. She mentioned Quebec City as a honeymoon site—said it was a romantic place. After Jeremy and I researched it, we chose to go there. The ancient section of Quebec is walled and quite romantic with its French atmosphere. I love old stone buildings and winding cobblestone streets. The area has many things to do and see, and I’ve read the food is fantastic.”

From her position at the ceiling, Sarah nodded. Although she hadn’t savored the delicacies in that location, she’d seen them from The Heavenlies, and they looked yummy. Would the Superiors be pleased? Karen and Jeremy had followed her suggestion regarding a wedding trip.

Karen folded a black pair of slacks and placed them into the bag. “Another comment the lady made was one of the reasons I determined to stay connected with the Internet Dating Service.” Karen picked up a shirt. “Her name was Sarah Wingspand. I remember because it was unusual—kind of like her. Anyway, out-of-the-blue, she told me that a near disaster might make people think twice, but God had ordained matrimony from the get-go, and sometimes a relationship required taking a chance.”
As authors, we write about what we've experienced.
I'd go back to Quebec City in a heartbeat.
I hope you'll have an opportunity to travel to Quebec,
but if you can't, read about the city in my books.