Thursday, January 21, 2021

Fast Food Orders

Drive through fast food places don't fill orders correctly, and it's almost funny. 

Our daughter lives in a memory care facility and loves ice cream. She's lost a lot of weight. When she was admitted in July, 2020, she weighed 121 pounds. Six months later, she weighs 86. Isolation is hard on these folks.

I'm blessed now to be a designated caregiver. I can see her a bit more easily, so I'm trying to help her regain a few pounds. For me, it's easy, but it isn't for her.

I stopped at a Sonic near her facility a few days back and ordered a caramel milkshake. She loves caramel. The attendant brought me a hamburger. I noticed that mistake easily and had it corrected. A few days later, I stopped at a Sonic near me and asked for caramel.  When I got to the facility, it was strawberry. They top the shakes with whipped cream, so I couldn't see the flavor.

I stopped at McDonald's yesterday and asked for chocolate. They gave me vanilla. I think today I'll just drive to the window and say, "surprise me."  LOL. 

My daughter asked me the other day, "Are you trying to make me fat?" 

YES! I am.  She's always been tiny, but I'm sad to see her melt away.

Faith and Humor

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