Friday, March 6, 2020

Where is Kindness?

Clue into Kindness

Are you as tired of the political season as I am? So much ranting and raving. Name calling too. People are throwing a lot of misinformation around also. How do we wade through it all? How do we stay positive in a negative world?

If we all clued into kindness again, it would be a start.

We've forgotten how to disagree in a civil manner. 

Do you suppose people were never taught simple kindness? If so, that would explain some of the ugliness going around.

In my book, Clue into Kindness, Alan was never taught how to be kind. He followed his dad's abusive behavior. His wife, Georgia, came from a loving family. She made a decision to love him into changing.

She didn't succeed with her ambitions, but Alan did change his ways.  God will often intervene whether we want Him to or not. And Allan didn't, but boy! God hit him on the head, and he learned fast.

This is a novella, a short read, but I think the book will give you insight into kindness.

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