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How Many Leaves on Your Family Tree?

I’ve never explored my genealogy. Why not, you ask? Well,  I have no desire for the government to know more about me than they already know. Truth be told, they probably already have my ancestors recorded in their files. If they would reveal them to me, then we’d both know.
Not everyone feels as I do. Julie B. Cosgrove, author of three ancestor seeking books, writes about people finding lost or forgotten relatives. She calls her series, the "Relatively Seeking Mysteries." I asked her why she became enthused with genealogy and stories concerning someone’s long-lost family members.

"Genealogy is popular now, and the idea came to me to write it. Many people in our mobile, global society don't know a lot about their ancestors. I've been blessed to know a great deal about mine.

On my mother's side, a cousin spent thirty years researching. The internet wasn't readily available, and it was an arduous task. My great-grandmother was a widow with kids, and she married a widower with the same last name. He had a brood of his own, and then they had five more. 16 in all.  On my dad's side, we have a hand drawn family tree dating back to the 1300s. We also have the patterns for the formal and casual family plaids. 

I've never done my DNA for heritage's sake because I know my blood is pure Scotch-Irish with a splash of French. Sounds like a drink, right? But my husband and I had DNA tests done after our special needs child was born.  We were told not to try again. So, we didn't. We devoted our time and effort to the one we brought into the world. 

Here is a picture of my grandmother and great aunts. My grandmother was the youngest of three girls as was my Mom and also me. We found this picture in a hat box filled with old photos when my Mom passed. 


When I wrote out the three synopses for One Leaf Too Many, Fallen Leaf, and Leaf Me Alone, my publisher contracted me solely on that information. Each one features one of three friends as the main character. 

I plan two to three more, if I can get contracted for them. If the contract comes through, I'll concentrate on the guys in the books: Chase, Grady, and Jayden.  Their girlfriends, Bailey, Jessica, and Shannon, will be involved in each mystery. My publisher is seriously considering that option."

I think Julie's proposal for three more sequels sounds interestingI’ve read the first two books in the published series, Relatively Seeking Mysteries, and I’ve bought the third one. I’m looking forward to reading it. Even though the books feature the same characters, each one can be read as a stand-alone. Here’s my review on Amazon for book one. I gave it 5 stars. The books are cozy mysteries. A cozy mystery is one that features an amateur sleuth.

Book 1: One Lead Too Many

Genealogy is a big thing these days, so this book hits home with many. Bailey decides to establish her family tree and invite all the members she finds to a reunion. While searching through old photos, she discovers she doesn't know the family secrets and sets out to discover them, and this is a dangerous mission. Scary thugs threaten her and her friends, but a handsome detective is on the case. Bailey unravels the mystery with Chase, the detective's, help. The ending was a surprise, and I wanted to see more of a relationship develop between Chase and Bailey. This is a cozy mystery, so love may blossom in book two. I hope Chase stops winking so much at Bailey. She found them a bit irritating, and so did I. This is a good book. You'll enjoy it. Winks and all.

My review on Amazon for the second book.
Book 2: Fallen Leaf

Ms. Cosgrove brings to mind the unfairness of our judicial system in this book. Many of us are doing family searches these days. What if you discovered a murder in your family and decided to help thirty years later? Talk about a cold case. Lots of intrigue in this story. You'll enjoy this book as you look for your ancestors on your family tree.

 Book 3: Leaf Me Home.

Here's the description.

Word spreads through town about the genealogy researches of Shannon, Bailey, and Jessica. So far, it’s been a fun hobby and an eye-opening experience as they helped to solve two murders. But when old Mrs. Perkins, their Bible study leader, wants to hire Shannon and her husband Jayden to find her long-lost nephew, the couple soon learns that moving forward along the Perkins family tree may leave them dangling out on a limb . . .and someone is holding a saw!

Here's a five star review on Amazon.

When Mrs. Perkins the women’s Bible Study leader makes a death bed request to find her long-lost nephew, Shannon, Bailey, and Jessica jump into action.

While Shannon and her husband, Jayden, head to Florida, to find the mysterious man, Jessica becomes concerned something suspicious is going on at the hospice facility where Mrs. Perkins is staying.

As Shannon pieces together the life of Mrs. Perkins’ nephew, she discovers the story just doesn’t add up, and Jessica becomes worried Mrs. Perkins’ life is in danger.

Mystery and intrigue keep the reader on the edge of their seat and glued to the pages. Ms. Cosgrove’s enticing words and expert plot, will keep drive you to a stirring and heartwarming ending. --Victoria Pitts Caine

About Julie B Cosgrove

Julie signing one of many contracts.

Freelancer, award-winning traditionally published author and speaker, Julie B Cosgrove leads retreats, workshops, and Bible studies. She writes regularly for several Christian websites and publications. She is a digital Missionary for Campus Crusades for Christ Canada's The Life Project and manages over 25 devotional writers.

Besides freelance writing, Julie helps other writers with publishing, Julie has published, or will publish: three Bible studies, two inspirational works, a devotional and 15 novels. Many of her books have won notable awards, including:
 "One of the 50 Writers You should be Reading." The honor was given to her by the 2016 by the nationally syndicated radio "The Author Show." She's a Grace Award finalist, an INSPY semifinalist, and a winner in Best Religious Fiction. She's also a 2016 Best Cozy Mystery winner and a 2017 winner by the Texas Association of Authors.

 You'll find Julie's book here.  Julie B. Cosgrove. 

Visit Julie's website at
Visit her blog here. Julie's blog


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