Monday, March 30, 2020

Small Church for Small Groups as We Social Distance

We're told by doctors to have no more than ten in a group. The Corona Virus dwells among us.

This little church pictured above might hold four in the pews and a preacher at the front behind a podium. The four in the congregation could sit far enough apart to be social distancing.

We have a small church, but yesterday was the third Sunday we've cancelled worship. I miss our little group. I miss church.

Oh, sure, I see church services on TV, but it's not the same as being there.

My heart breaks for pastors who are preaching to an empty sanctuary.  Small sanctuary, or huge, it's hard to do!  There's no energy feedback, but they bravely deliver a message as if the pews were filled.

We need corporate worship.  In Scripture, God told us to meet together, but churches will be shut down on Easter. Can you imagine? It's the first time ever in American history that this will happen. Churches closed on the most important day in Christendom? Wow! Satan is dancing with glee. 

He's keeping us from spreading the good news! Jesus has conquered death! We live in the land of the dying on the way to the land of the living, and Satan knows all about it. He wants us to live eternally with him. He hopes, that by keeping us from the Good News, that we can live below with him forever.  

Fear Not. Satan's days are limited. 

God will help us deliver His message. The one of hope and faith. The one to eternal life in glory.

We'll be back together here on earth again soon, and we'll be stronger than ever. Either in tiny churches or large cathedrals. 

In the meantime, stay safe and draw near the Lord. Thank Him for the Easter season to come.

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  1. My small church has been open since May and we average 25 per service...masked and sitting 6 feet apart every other pew. Can't pass the plate or the peace, though.


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