Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year! New Start!

A new start to any project is welcome, right?

What do you plan to begin? A diet? Yes, me too.

I'm not looking forward to it.  Are you?

If we were Sarah, it would be simple. Sarah, my chaotic angel, can rearrange her size at any given moment. I write fantasy. It doesn't happen in real life. I wish it did.

In my book, Sarah and the Angelic, Magical Makeover, Sarah helps Valerie lose a few pounds and develop confidence.

Maybe we need a guardian angel to help us.

But Sarah is dyslexic. If she helped me or you, she'd probably get it backwards and instead of making us a twig, she'd turn us into a Redwood tree trunk. 

Here I am with hubby in Yosemite. See how big this tree is? Since Sarah gets measurements backward, she'd probably make us this size.  Then she'd have to call on her superiors and ask for a pardon. We'd better stick to proven methods. Like a normal diet.

Sarah is a regular hoot.  Kinda like us. She messes up royally. 

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