Sunday, June 23, 2019

Who Is Your Person?

Do you have a person you love dearly but you can't seem to connect with him/her?

I have a person like that somewhere in the picture below.  Wouldn't you just love to know who?  Hahahahaha.  I'm not telling.

This was taken yesterday at a family reunion.

I adore all these guys and gals.

But there's one person up there that I love a lot but we have an irregular relationship. Did you ever read Joyce Landorf's book, Irregular People?  Irregular People

It's an old book.  Really old. But it's unforgettable. In the book, Joyce talks about those persons close to you who give you emotional grief and pain. 

While at breakfast this morning, a niece and I visited, and I mentioned this individual. She said, "Tha'ts your person."  I knew what she meant. 

We all have someone who pushes our buttons. We love them, can't do without them, but they know when and where all the buttons are.

Since I love this creature dearly, the relationship will continue. We even laugh about it. This sweet soul said to me today, "we can fix this."  I responded, "no, we can't, but that's okay. We love each other anyway."

Who is your person?  

I hope you can accept the relationship you have. Enjoy the pluses. Minimize the minuses. 

And remember.....You are that person's person, too.

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