Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Don't Heap Injury on Your Wounded

Christians are a strange lot.  We claim to want to help those in need, and that's honorable. And many of us do help others.

However, if one of their own slips and falls, we often shoot the wounded.

No patience or grace for those who fall off the pedestal.

If a Christian gets a divorce, shoot him or her. The Bible speakes against it, so shoot the wounded.

If a Christian falls into alcoholism, bomb the person with guilt. 

If a woman feels called by God to be a pastor, kill her desires.

If a Christian doesn't have the same political views, then blow him or her away with hate filled words. Ostracize him.

Why don't Christians offer the same kindness to our brothers and sisters as we do to a nonbeliever?

Let's make it our goal to heal those who hurt. Adding wounds to an injured spirit benefits no one.

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