Friday, June 7, 2019

When Was the Last Time You Skated?

Did you roller skate as a kid?

I loved it and went every Saturday. My mom even let me take lessons once. And that was a real surprise. Her favorite word was, "no."  Spending money on lessons wasn't in her budget.

She had a motive when she allowed this Saturday afternoon delight. You see, she worked, and she thought skating was cheaper than a babysitter.

Now, I didn't need a babysitter back in those young teen days, but she thought I did. She always feared I'd hurt myself doing something, so she wanted to know where I was at all times.

But back to the skates.

I loved skating and didn't fall much as I dashed around the rink. Actually, I've fallen more as an adult than I did as a child. I don't skate anymore, but I seem to trip over stuff.  Maybe it's due to eyesight. I don't have good depth perception.

Skating back in the day was fun. 

Life is sometimes hard. Some event comes along and knocks us down. Much like tripping over roller skates.

Financial ruin. Divorce. Death of a loved one. Illness. Loss of job.
And as Sonny and Cher once say, "The Beat Goes On."

Wouldn't it be wonderful to skate through life without problems?

That perfect roller rink exists in heaven. Not on earth. Life is gonna throw us a tumble or two as we skate along.

So, while we're down here on this planet, keep going. You'll have skinned knees, maybe even a concussion now and then, but God will help you pick yourself up. He's kind like that. 

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