Wednesday, February 6, 2019


This is what a reader tried to post on Amazon as a review for Mattie's Choice.  Amazon wouldn't post it. They told the reader it was too personal, so she had to rewrite something more generic.  

I thought you might like to see what the original post was...the one not accepted.

 "Tough subject matter that really made me think. We all have a freind who is so strong in their convictions that they cometimes seem stubborn. Mattie is such a person, strong in her committment to her marriage vows, even when that meant eduring an abusive relationship. The character of Mattie was so well crafted I had to know she would rise above her cirumstances and survive. And she did.Set in the early 1900s, the descriptions were perfect for the time. I found myself thinking of the story and Mattie for quite a while after I finished."

I wonder what Amazon found wrong with this review? Personal? Doesn't seem so to me.


  1. I am one of the reviewers banned from Amazon. Last year, I reached out to them to find the reason I can't post reviews. They initially restored all my reviews only to remove them a few days later. Seems I know too many authors. Ridiculous. Yes, I know a lot of authors, but I also purchase and read a lot of books.

  2. That is so sad and so absurd. Thanks Melissa


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