Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Natural Ingredients

I've been reading about natural ingredients. 
Do they work?

Cocunut Oil is supposed to be a magical, 
normal, unharmful element.

I decided to try it on my hair this morning,
 so I'm sitting here talking to you 
with a head full of cocunut oil.

It smells good.

It may not do a thing, but it's supposed to make hair healther, thicker, and silkier.

Did I say it smells good?

Here's what it looks like in the jar.

Here's what it looks from the tree.

Here's what it looks like on my hair.
 Sticky. Glued in places

It can be good to eat.
We make candy and cake out of coconut.

Yum. Two of my faves.

We ladies want to make ourselves over. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes not. Some beauty products are expensive. Natural ingredients, like coconut oil, cost less, and if they work, well, hey! Good for us.

Alas! Some naturals work. Some don't. 

When my sister and I were young girls, we asked our dad if we could wash his hair. He agreed.

Big mistake.

We decided powdered, laundry detergent would make a good shampoo.

As soon as we applied it, he began screaming, "Get it off!  Get it off!"

It burned his scalp big time.

He never let us "help" him again.

I'm not sure what coconut oil will do for me, 
but I hope for better results than the 
laundry detergent had on dad's hair and scalp.

Have you read Sarah and the Angelic, Magical Makeover? No, she doesn't use laundry detergent, but she makes mistakes in a haphazard fashion. She's funny, 
but you also might learn a few beauty secrets.

You'll like it.

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