Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gossiping on the Sabbath in Jerusalem

Naomi:     "Did you see Jesus hang on the cross yesterday?"

Phoebe:    "Yes, I was in the crowd. It was awful. The crowd jeered Him and many were glad to see Him hang there. I’ve seen others hang, but never anyone I cared about. What are you doing here? It's the Sabbath, you are not to be out walking on the Sabbath."

Naomi:      "I know, but I can't sit still. Come outside and look at the hill called Golgotha. They took Him off the cross and buried Him. We'll never see Him again."

Phoebe:     "Hush your tears. We both know death. Your father died last year and so did my mother. Everyone dies. We'll grieve and cry with the hired mourners tomorrow. Our screams and wails will be expected then, but don't let the officials see you weep today. They hold the Sabbath sacred, and you'll get into trouble if they catch you disobeying one of their rules."

Naomi:       "I know we all die, but he was the Messiah. At least I though He was, but now He’s gone."

Phoebe:      "I thought He was the Promised One too, but we were wrong. We must look for another."

Naomi         "Our ancestors and prophets have been saying that for years. We’ll perish before we see our king comes."

Phoebe:       "Probably so, but we must cling to the old promises. Now go home before the sun shows itself. We’ll meet tomorrow in the market place. We can talk then."

Naomi:        “I saw Mary Magdalene earlier this morning when I went to the well for water. Can you believe it? Mary Magdalene says she saw Jesus and He’s alive!”

Phoebe:       “How can that be? I heard he’d been placed in Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb. The soldiers proved Him dead when they pierced His side. Dead men don’t get up and walk again. It’s not possible.”

Naomi:        “Jesus raised Lazarus.”

Phoebe:       “Yes, but Lazarus said he will dye again one day. What’s the story on Jesus? If He came back to life, will He have to die again? I hope that doesn’t mean another cross.”

Naomi:        “I don’t know, but Mary Magdalene said he was different. She didn’t recognize Him when she saw Him in the garden until He called her name. She ran to tell the disciples, and Peter and John went to the tomb.”

Phoebe:       “No doubt John got to the tomb first to check it out. What did they find?”

Naomi:        “I heard others talking with Mary Magdalene. They said it was empty. The grave clothes were laying in place with the head wrap folded.”

Phoebe:       “The napkin was folded? That’s an indication He’s coming back. Do you think that means he’s going back to the grave?”

Naomi:        “I doubt it. Why would he come to life and die again? If He did that once, shouldn’t that be enough? I mean if He is truly God’s Son as He claimed He was.”

Phoebe:       “He must be who He says He is. No one  could raise him from a grave save God alone.”

Naomi:        “I believe He is the Son of God. He must be. There's no other explanation. He said He was when we heard Him teach. I didn't understand then. Truth be told, I don't fully understand now, but I believe.”

Phoebe:       “I believe too. Lord God, help my unbelief.”

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