Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Flowers in My Garden

Lanissa, Christy, Shelley

I have three beautiful flowers in my garden. 

Today is Shelley, the firstborn's, birthday.

She was such a sweet child, extremely smart and she made us laugh with her humor.

She's still a sweet adult, but dementia is stealing her mind and personality.

So I'm sad today. Sharing about her is difficult too. But my posts are for faith and humor. Although there is no humor in a sad story such as hers, we have faith in the sunrise of tomorrow.

Many of you know the heartache of Alzheimer's attacking a parent. Few of us experience it with our children, however, parents have had to bury children from disease or accident. It isn't easy, is it? 

God never promised easy. Just His Presence.

Sometimes, on a dark night, finding His Presence is difficult, but He is there. When you can't see Him, feel Him, or hear Him, He is still there. Trust that fact.

When we hurt, He hurts too. He knows the pain that comes with the death of a Son. Trust that fact.

All of us endure hardships at times, and they can make us stronger. Or not. 

My hope for all of us is to grow our faith when life knocks us down. My prayer is that we always find a way to smile or chuckle in spite of tears.

Do you know this song? As I write this, it came to mind. 

God's Tomorrow

by A. H. Ackley

God's tomorrow is a day of gladness
And its joys shall never fade
No more weeping, no more sense of sadness
No more foes to make afraid
God's tomorrow, God's tomorrow
Ev'ry cloud will pass away
At the dawning of that day
God's tomorrow, no more sorrow
For I know that God's tomorrow
Will be better than today!
God's tomorrows is a day of greeting
We shall see the Savior's face
And our longing hearts await the meeting
In that holy, happy place
God's tomorrow is a day of glory
We shall wear the crown of life
Sing thro' countless years love's old, old story
Free for ever form all strife

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