Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Strange Winter in Texas

We recently had snow!  Amazing for Houston and The Texas Hill Country.  Brrrr. The dusting of snow was cold but beautiful. We were all excited, even us grown-ups. We aren't accustomed to it down here. We only had three days of cold last winter, and the rest of the season we wore shorts.

I wrote about a bizarre Texas blizzard in 
Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady. 
That doesn't happen down here, but the unusual snow storm made an interesting story. We start out in Dallas and end up on a ranch in The Texas Hill Country.

I had so much fun writing this romantic tale and it came fast and easy to me.  Sarah, the bumbling angel, slips into a human disguise and becomes Estella, a grandmotherly type.

Emily, the sweet, naive, Texan, experiences the worst day of her life, but she shouldn't worry. Sarah is on the job. Ha! Sarah can cause a worse day to go to a horrific one. She doesn't intend for chaos to happen, it just does when she's around.

Sarah, aka Estella, introduces Emily to Josiah, a cowboy hunk. And boy-oh-boy is this guy a gem. I fell in love with him myself, and I'm a happily married woman.

Josiah is rich, handsome, and responsible. He's also sexier than any man has a right to be. When he stands under the mistletoe, lifts Emily with one arm around her waist, and kisses her deeply, well, let's just say that sparks fly.  I would have loved being in Emily's place. Lifted off the floor in powerful but gentle arms and kissed in a romantic way. This cowboy dude is every woman's dream.

Josiah's grandmother plays a role in this book too. She wants to see her grandson married in the spring amidst a field of Texas Bluebonnets. Sarah promises to do her best to make that happen.

My publisher, Prism Book Group, published this book last Christmas. I sat by the fire a few days ago and read it as if I were a first-time reader and not the author. I enjoyed it. I'd forgotten how delightful Sarah is, how handsome Josiah is, and the very bad day that came Emily's way. Josiah wanted to mount his horse, Pedro, ride to Dallas and throttle the disgusting dude that hurt Emily. I wished he would.

Josiah doesn't allow his women folk to be hurt by a nutcase.

This is a heartwarming and funny book. It's also filled with a few nuggets of inspiration. Right now it's on sale for .99. I truly believe your dollar will be well-spent when you purchase a copy. It's a feel good read and we need those in this stress-filled time. This book will soon return to the original price of $2.99.

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