Sunday, December 10, 2017

Houston Has a Problem.

I enjoyed writing Christmas love stories. Sarah and the Widow's Mate was fun. Beth, a rich, Houston widow, has two con artists after her, and Sarah is sent to save the woman from murder and mayhem. Oh mercy! You know Sarah, she's a bumbler. Houston has a problem. Not with astronauts, but with angels.

In this story, Sarah meets the angel, Gabriella for the first time. Gabriella becomes her BFF and like a good friend, she helps Sarah through difficult moments. Everyone needs a friend like Gabriella.

There's a sexy woman in this book who tries to seduce a man with skimpy clothes and flirty ways. Sarah intervenes, and all kinds of warnings from the Superiors comes her way.. Sarah has a hard time with free will. She thinks she can keep a human from a sinful act and she goes to great lengths to impose her will on theirs. This is a no-no and she gets a reprimand on Cloud Nine.

Sarah and the Widow's Mate is heartwarming and funny.  It's on sale right now. Reduced from $3.99 to .99.  You can't go wrong by investing a mere dollar into a Sarah book. 

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