Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Harvey Update From My Home

I've never been so happy to see a sunrise on an August day in Texas!

All of us in this part of our Great State have really been under siege. We are completely locked in at our house. Water surrounds us. All entrances or flooded and so are all the roads leading out. 

If you'd like to see our neighborhood, here's a link showing part of it. The video doesn't do it justice, but you can see the water in most areas. The street in front of our house is one of the dry ones.


 Front yard
The water came close, but stayed outside. We were fortunate.

This morning. Our house look normal.

Weston Lakes is sort of an odd city. In 2008, the residents of this gated, golf community voted to incorporate. I'm still not sure how a city can be gated, but we are. We have no police or fire department, but we have a mayor and city council. The POA makes most decisions.  Paul and I kept our address as Fulshear. It was easier than changing all documents. The city of Fulshear is about 3 miles east of us. We're in Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston and Harris County. Katy is our largest, near city, and we drive there to shop.

The Weston Lakes personnel set up a shelter for residents at the club house. Two people had to be boated out to the hospital. We have a one story but we'd planned to go up through the attic to climb out the dormers for boat rescue if needed.  The first responders are amazing and awesome. Not enough thanks for them.

Shelters are set up in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. The reaction from all over the country is inspirational and heartwarming. All of us are grateful for prayers and your heartfelt concern.

Grocery stores have been closed, and if they can open, people wait in line. A few are allowed inside at a time due to fire codes and not enough personnel to wait on customers

Maybe the sun will dry the creeks enough for us to go to the grocery store today or tomorrow. I find it odd what I long for in my pantry. Things like powdered item I never buy. Or Bisquick, another item I never purchase. 

Thanks to everyone who watched and prayed for all the people in Harvey's path. He isn't finished yet. He's moving on to the east. He's a mighty man, and one we will never forget.

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