Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another beautiful morning

I took this picture in Smithville, TX. Smithville is between Houston and Austin and the town is filled with beautiful old trees and historic homes.  Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock was filmed there. The officials left this ancient tree in the middle of the road. I like that. Respect for trees.

Our day in Houston will warm back up to the nineties, but I walked this morning when it was cooler. I'm excited to see October come around.  Ninety is so much better than triple digits down here.

I got a lot of Ughs (things I don't want to do) done yesterday but more are on my list today. Interruptions came my way, and that didn't help.

The Market Place called me while I was taking care of my Ughs. Market Place is another name for Obama Care. Have you ever dealt with that entity? I hope you never need to.

I deal with it for our daughter. I spent two hours one day last week trying to straighten out the mess. The first guy couldn't find anything in the computer. I requested a supervisor, and she was a competent lady. She corrected as much as she could. There were too many mistakes in the system regarding my daughter's insurance. For those of you who are new to my blog, my daughter's a new widow, and she also has dementia. She has given me permission to take care of the details. We also faxed a POA to the Market Place.

After figuring out the puzzle, and putting as many pieces in the right place as she could, this nice employee put my name, address, and phone number into the file. If anyone from the entity needed info, they were to call me.

So.................I got a call yesterday. They wanted to talk to my daughter who isn't here. They couldn't talk to me because my name wasn't on their list. I said, "But you have my phone number and address, and you phoned me." The reply, "We can't talk to you." I said, "Get the supervisor that I spoke to last week." She replied, "We can't do that. We're in another department and we are separate."

This went on and on. Around and around. I finally connected my daughter and this woman by two speaker phones and we went through the hassle again.

Long story short. I was given permission to receive the info this lady had called about. She said I'd be receiving the IRS forms in the mail I'd requested. 

I replied, "Thanks, and we've already received it."

All that commotion, time, and angst to tell me I'd receive what had already arrived in the mail.


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