Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gay's Days, Three men in for the ride with Sarah.

Hi guys and gals,

I've missed you!

The first few weeks of June have been busy, and they are about to become more so for the Lewis household. We had rain. Boy! Did we have rain. People in our area are still digging out. The rain left and our Texas traditional heat followed. Yuk! Summer months in Houston are brutal.
We are expecting temps near the century mark and with our humidity, add another ten degrees.

So how did I spend the days of the flood? At the computer, of course. Many roads were closed. We could go east on a few streets but no other direction. Safer to stay home, so we did.

One item that kept me at the computer was proofing and getting Sarah ready for her debut in Chicago.

I'm happy to say her adventure to that city is available for preorder on Amazon eBook.  If you get it now, it will be sent July 1. Can you believe July is almost here? I'm counting this release as an early gift to me since my birthday is in July.

3.99 on Amazon
In the first book, Sarah and A Date for Mackenzie, the notorious goof up angel brings a reluctant Mackenzie and an eager Ethan together. High school is a challenge, but Sarah gets the best of a bully. He’s a James Dean type with a nefarious background and wishes to harm Mackenzie. After Sarah rids the rebel from Mackenzie’s life, she then shows Ethan’s fine qualities to Mackenzie. Disguised as a human, Sarah attends the prom. Look out! A mishap angel is among the dancers.
 Sarah thinks her mission is completed when the prom ends, but that’s not the case.
In the sequel, Sarah and the Double Wedding Woes, the Superiors send their haphazard angel to earth again—this time to match up Mackenzie’s mom to Robert, and Mackenzie’s grandmother to William—all at the same time.  Each of these relationships will fall into a hole if one or more relationships do not succeed. Terror punches Sarah in the stomach when she follows Jessica and Robert to Chicago. Houston is scary enough, but her assignments have always been in or near that city. What if she gets lost in Chicago? Hold it! Back in Houston, another scary situation presents itself. She must attend a Houston ballgame with Bonnie and William. The queen of all panic attacks strikes her this time.
Sarah begins a family tradition, and three unsuspecting men are in for the ride of a lifetime

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