Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day, 2016

The Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.
The next two photos are from the Veteran's Cemetery in Dallas.
Most cities have places of honor for our veterans.
And they should.
Without our men and women giving their lives,
 we would have no cities worth living in.
Thankful for our heroes.
Image result for images of d day
My dad told me about riding the waves in one of these as he led his platoon into France.
He never spoke much about it.
Most of the men didn't.
I wish he'd given me more details.
But the memories were too horrible to recall.
War is not a vacation. It is not a trek into paradise.
War is a glimpse of hell on earth.
I'm thankful for the sacrifices. I hope all of us will give respect and honor.

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