Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gay's Day. PROM TIME


Do you remember yours? I do, and when I find pictures, I'm going to post them of my dress. I chose a white one. I can't remember where I stashed those photos, but I'm looking for them. Stay tuned.

In my book, Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie, Mackenzie and her friend shops for gowns. Recall that fun? Trying on the glam clothes? 
This book is not just for teens. Mackenzie has a mom and a grandmother, so three generations are represented. Sarah, the dyslexic angel, is assigned to help them all. On my blog today, I'm telling you about Sarah tagging along with the teenagers to shop for dresses. She drools over the colors and sequins. Sarah's wardrobe consists of white muslin.
In her heart of hearts, Mackenzie wants to go to prom, but fears no one will ask her. She's shy and avoids peers. Her mom teaches at the high school, and that is no help. In fact, it makes things worse. 
Ashley, Mackenzie's best friend insists she go shopping for dresses. Mackenzie tries on several pink, demure ones. They fit her personality.  

Which one of these pink dresses would you choose if you'd been Mackenzie?
Here's an excerpt from Mackenzie and Ashley's shopping spree. They are in a dressing room in a posh shop.

Mackenzie selected two dresses and disappeared. When she stepped out, she wore an innocent, pink dress with a beaded, jewel neckline and cap sleeves. Ashley stood at the three-way mirror in a backless mermaid dress, split showing leg at the side, and bling covering the bodice.
“Wow Mac! You look stunning. That dress is perfect for you. Demure and sweet.”
“Maybe I’d rather be more daring. Look at you. You’d stop a train.”
“This one is a little too sophisticated, but you’re beautiful in that one.”

 (Ashley tries on several dresses, and all are showy and blingy. She is an extrovert and doesn't mind showing off her assets.)  Here's another Ashley tried on.
 This is the one she chose.
  Now back to Mackenzie and her selection. Another excerpt from Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie
Mackenzie twisted her mouth. “I do like the pink one, even if it’s reserved.”  Her lips relaxed into a grin. “I guess it’s more me.”

“The color is perfect with your blonde hair.”

Mackenzie buys the dress with the intention of returning it. Sarah must find Mackenzie a date so she can wear the beautiful dress. This book has a secondary story about a bully. I enjoyed writing it and I think moms and daughters will find it entertaining.  I hope helpful too. Bullies are difficult to deal with, and Mackenzie's mom has a few suggestions.
Leave a comment about your prom dress. What did you wear? What color was it? Did you feel like a princess? Was the evening fun? A disaster? Would you date the same guy again?

From the comments I receive, I'll draw a name and give away a copy of Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie.  It's a fun book, and I'd love to hear about your prom dress. So spill the details.


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